Monday, February 14, 2011

Ahhhh...Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day - what a gloriously expensive holiday you have become!  Having a specific day for an extra special recognition for the "Love of Your Life" or "Love For Right Now" is great, but let's face it - Valentine's Day is far more commercial than celebratory.  Even the grocery store is selling $90.00 floral arrangements...ok, so, they come in a nice vase, but still...$90.00?!?

Remember the true purpose of the day - tell everyone that is special to you how much they mean to you, better yet SHOW them!  If you're buying a gift, try to make it as unique as the individual(s) receiving it.  For example, roses are VERY popular on this Day for Lovers, but why not go the extra mile and either get them in your loved one's favorite color or add some other flowers that you know they'll enjoy. And, don't forget to think outside of the candy box.  As horrifying as it sounds, not everyone enjoys chocolate (I shudder at this thought!)  Take the time to put together a nice assortment of their favorite snack foods or even a basket of their favorite drinks - anything that will show them just how much you really do care....sometimes more than they know.

Most importantly, remember that today is just an extra special day to show how you feel.  You should be able to make your loved ones feel special every day.  Not just with lavish gifts and praises, but little things like flowers for no particular reason, taking care of a mundane household task without being asked or even just saying 'thank you' for all that they do for you....and we all know what goes around, comes around - so, be sure to return the favor!

From this day forward, may all your days be filled with more love and laughter than ever before....

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