Friday, November 23, 2012

Thankful For Everything...Even Me!

The Thanksgiving holiday has come to an end and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!  My home was filled with the lively sound of latin music, the rich smells of a wonderful feast, and joyous roars of love and was FANTASTIC!!  Every day, I am grateful to have the unconditional love and support I receive from my husband and the twinks.  I am also fortunate to have family and friends that accept and love me as I am.  What I am especially thankful this year to have discovered a new level of inner strength and belief in myself.  Yes, I know it's a bit narcissistic, but it's true.  

In my earlier posts, I commented on how the first portion of this year was rough and, to be honest, there were many times I almost gave up on any hope.  All of this began to change when I decided to be responsible for my own happiness by pursuing my dreams and having faith in my abilities to make them come true.  Because of this simple action, I can tell you that today I am happier and more fulfilled than I have been in a very long time!  Furthermore, I believe that this new found "power" is helping me to become a better wife, mother and friend...who doesn't want that?!?  

I've said it before and I'll say it again - If there is a dream you want to pursue, DO IT!  We have but one life to live, my friends, and it's too short to waste our time and energy on things (or people) that do not fulfill us.  Now is the time to make a plan, believe in yourself and march on!  For those that are already happy where they're at, I applaud you and wish you continued joy and success!

That being said, I will leave you with a few photos of my Thanksgiving and I hope you're all having a wonderful holiday weekend full of good food, great people and making memories that last a lifetime!

Travel safe & be well my friends!

No, I did NOT burn the bird!  That's just how the sauce looks!

My non-traditional centerpiece

Thing 1 having some fun!

Thing 2 was so full of love & happiness!

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