Monday, January 17, 2011

Why blog??

This is the question I asked myself when I was first deciding whether or not to do this.  And, really the only answer that came to me was 'Why not??'  Blogging is just another form of self expression and it's just as therapeutic as seeing a psychiatrist or counselor, but it's free!! 

Admittedly, when I first started hearing about blogs, my first thought was, "Are you serious - We've given the whiny people of the World, yet another platform to 'cry' from?!?"  Well, I was quickly proven wrong.  I actually started reading blogs from some of my favorite trash TV shows - I mean, "reality" TV shows - and celebrity sites, then branched out to real life blogs and what can I say?  I was pleasantly surprised and dare I say, entertained by what I found!  Blogging isn't about whining about how wrong Life is treating you or how a certain form of religion will save you.  It's just people talking about Life - getting a moment to explain their side of a story without being interrupted or sharing helpful hints for home improvement projects, recipes and even parenting / marriage.  Of course, not all blogs are completely entertaining, some get pretty deep and serious, so you learn to be careful what you enter when searching for new things to read ;-)

Now I've been inspired to start my own blog!  I'm not hoping to change the world or anything.  I do hope that some of my posts make you think, laugh or maybe even cry (yeah, I might get a little deep from time to time.)  If you choose to share anything you read here amongst your friends, co-workers, etc. or want to share your own thoughts - even better!!  And, the next time you hear someone ask, "Why do people blog?"  Tell them, "Because it's cheaper than paying for therapy!"

Happy readings!

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